What is QuantumCloud? Can I use it to earn money?

QuantumCloud program lets you obtain a passive income via mining when your graphics cards are idle. When you download and launch the QuantumCloud program, you will obtain earnings. The earnings of QuantumCloud come from sharing the computing power of users to the blockchain(mining), or in fields such as medical research, machine learning, or AI application, and give returns to customers for selecting the application with the highest revenue at the time.
* QuantumCloud does not access personal data when users share their computing power. Please be assured that your privacy will be protected.

What is computing power sharing?

With the prevalence of cloud computing platforms, you can share the computing power of idle graphics cards to the cloud to fully exert the spirit of sharing economy. QuantumCloud then integrates the computing power shared by users around the world with fair returns to them to implement wide applications, such as mining.

How can I get income?

Based on your hardware performance and the time of using the application in a day, QuantumCloud platform gives you a corresponding amount of Q-Coin, which might be declared depending on your country/region's tax laws.
You can exchange Q-Coin for fiat money, or game points on QuantumCloud program. There will be more exchange options later.

Is the daily income fixed?

The daily income varies. The actual amount of Q-Coin may vary depending on what object you sharing computing power to, network status, hardware specifications, etc. The income you earned is in proportion to the performance of the graphics card and the using time of the application.

What shall I do if I want to withdraw my Q-Coin through PayPal and WeChat?

Log in the QuantumCloud program, go to [Wallet] on the right and follow the onscreen instructions to bind your payment account to your QuantumCloud account. You can withdraw your Q-Coin once the payment account is bound.

What is Q-Coin exchange Center in the Wallet apart from PayPal and WeChat?

Q-Coin Exchange Center is specially designed for QuantumCloud users who can easily convert Q-Coin to game points such as Steam or to coupons. There will be more exchange options later.

What kind of withdrawal methods are supported by QuantumCloud?

QuantumCloud supports different withdrawal methods and provides the most popular ones in your region as below (will be updated continuously):
Taiwan : PayPal, Steam code, Amazon gift card, foodpanda coupon, MyCard code
US : PayPal, WeChat, Steam code, Amazon gift card, PlayStation code
Other regions : PayPal, WeChat, Steam code, Amazon gift card

Will QuantumCloud do any harm to my computer or casue data leakage?

1. The use of QuantumCloud is included in the usage scenarios of graphics cards, has passed long time and strict tests with graphics cards, therefore it will not damage your graphics card.

2. While using QuantumCloud, you can switch to optimal sharing mode freely, eg. Full Speed Mode or Smart Mode, according to the graphics card's working status. In Smart Mode, QuantumCloud prioritizes graphics card's GPU computing resources according to your current GPU usage to the applications that need it. If no other programs need GPU computing power, it will automatically share idle computing power to QuantumCloud; while in Full Speed Mode, the graphics card helps you earn more Q-Coins.

3. QuantumCloud is compliant with regulations of personal data protection in different countries to protect users' privacy. You can be assured of the security of your personal data while using QuantumCloud.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for QuantumCloud?

Windows 10 64-bit operating system with a 6GB (or above) AMD or NVIDIA graphics card installed.

Why can't I start sharing computing power after launching the QuantumCloud app?

Please ensure that your hardware meets the minimum requirements and the graphics card driver has been updated to the latest version. If you have any questions, please email us at support@quantumcloudai.com

Can I sign in to a QuantumCloud account on multiple devices?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of your graphics cards and devices for QuantumCloud. You can either use the same account on multiple devices or install multiple graphics cards on one device. The more graphics cards you utilize to share computing power, the more you earn every day.

How long can Q-Coin be valid for in the QuantumCloud account?

QuantumCloud ensures that your Q-Coin is safely kept in your QuantumCloud account. Each Q-Coin can be valid for three years. You can sign in to your account to check the amount of Q-Coin and exchange details.
If changes will be made, the news will be announced on the platform and sent to the mailbox that you registered with in advance.
The earnings might be declared depending on your country/region's tax laws.

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