Contest Process
Preliminary: 2021-07-30~ 08-26 (UTC+8)

The organizer will send the admission notice to applicants on 2021-09-02, and upload the entries to QuantumCloud’s YouTube Channel and the voting section on QuantumCloud’s official website.

Voting: 2021-09-03~ 09-09 (UTC+8)

The organizer will send a notice to the three winners on 2021-09-10 and will be announced on QuantumCloud’s official website.

Up to US$1,000 Prize Pool

[Award for Participation]

600,000 Q-coins (market value: US$10)

Applicants must meet all the criteria of【Video Creation】to receive it.

[Popularity Award]

NO1. 42,000,000 Q-Coins (market value: US$700)
NO2. 18,000,000 Q-Coins (market value: US$300)
NO3. 9,000,000 Q-Coins (market value: US$150)

[Voting Prize]

3,000,000 Q-Coins (market value: US$50)

The organizer will draw one of the voters and will be announced on 2021-09-10 on QuantumCloud’s official website.

The more votes you make, the higher the chance of winning the prize!
* All prizes are in the form of Q-coin and will be distributed to users' accounts of QuantumCloud within one month.
2021-09-03 2021-09-09 (UTC+8)
Instructions for Participation

1. Please create original Videos related to the QuantumCloud theme

2. The Video must include these following features: the scene of pressing [GO] to earn Q-Coins, withdrawing Q-Coins, subtitle and three reasons or features you like about QuantumCloud

3. Video type: User experience, review, creative, funny, situational, drama videos, etc. Presentation techniques are not limited

4. Length: 33 seconds ~5 minutes

5. Subtitle/dubbing: no language limitation

6. Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 is preferred (no less than 1280 x 720)

7. Files format: landscape, MPEG4, MOV, AVI, MPEGPS, WMV, FLV and other YouTube compatible file formats

* Wording matters. Please refrain from personal attacks or spreading hatred, and avoid content that is pornographic, indecent, violent, or in violation of YouTube Terms of Use

* The Video content, music, special effects, etc. shall not infringe upon the rights of others.

1. Upload the Video to your personal cloud and provide the link to the organizer, who will download the Video for voting in the voting stage.

2. Share the video on personal social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), hashtag #QuantumCloud, set it as "public" and save the video link, which will be used as the criteria for the organizers to calculate the number of views. The more platforms you upload it to, the more the views will be.

3. During the preliminary round, click on [Register], fill in the registration information, paste the link of the video that is on your personal cloud and the link of the video that is on your personal social platforms, and submit it. The registration will then be deemed successful.

* Submission of registration materials will be deemed as participation in the event and means that you agree to QuantumCloud's use of your original Video for commercial and marketing purposes.

To enter the selection stage of the preliminary round and the voting stage, the applicant must meet all the criteria in 【Video Creation】section.

1. Scoring criteria: The organizer will act as the judging committee, and the rating will be based on the creativity (30%), richness of content (30%), narrative description and subtitles (30%), and the number of times the Video has been viewed (10%).

2. Number of selected entries: Excellent Videos with a total score of more than 50 will be selected for the voting stage. If the total score of two or more Videos are the same, the one with more view counts wins. The number of admissions will be adjusted appropriately according to the total number and the quality of entries.

3. Results: The organizer will send the admission notice on 2021-09-02, and the admitted applicants will be qualified to participate in the 7-day "Voting" round. The organizer will upload the entries to the QuantumCloud video voting section and its official YouTube channel.

1. Voting rules: Starting from 2021-09-03, QuantumCloud registered members can vote for the entries. Each member can vote on a maximum of 3 Videos per day.

2. Vote counts: The voting function of the voting section on the official website of QuantumCloud will be disabled after the end of the voting stage. The result will be calculated according to the number of votes below the Video. If the number of votes is the same, the entries will be ranked according to the total score of the preliminary round.

3. Prize qualifications: In addition to getting to the top three in terms of votes, winners must meet the following voting criteria in order to receive the prize. If any of the winners do not meet the standards, the organizer may decide whether the position of winners is vacant. The organizer will publish the notice of the winners on the next day.

No1. More than 1400 votes are required

No2. More than 600 votes are required

No3. More than 300 votes are required

* How to conduct the voting stage: Participants can share the link of the voting page of the official website of QuantumCloud, and invite friends to vote for them!

* Reward of the voting: After the voting stage, one lucky voter will be given 3,000,000 Q-Coins (market value: US$50) as a gift. The more votes you make, the higher the chance of winning the prize!

(1) "Video Challenge" ("This Event") is held by Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD, and in Taiwan is delegated by UniMax Electronics Inc. (The organizer). Instructions on how to participate in this activity and enjoy the benefits of this activity,Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use Notice all form part of the precautions (this term). By participating in this activity, you will be deemed to have understood and agreed to abide by the relevant provisions of this term.

(2) Software requirements: Your QuantumCloud must be updated to the latest version for you to participate in the activity.

(3) Hardware requirements: Under the Windows 10 64bit system, either AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards requires the specification of at least 6G memory to start computing power sharing and earn Q-Coins for you to participate in this activity.

(4) If you fail to complete the registration during the period of preliminary, you will automatically give up the qualification to participate in the activity. You are not allowed to ask for an extension of the activity or to participate in the activity again, and you are not allowed to ask for additional awards in other ways.

(5) For the purpose of publicity and promotion, participants shall agree to authorize the organizer and its partners to use the scripts, videos, photos, and explanatory text of the entries, agree that the organizer modifies, edit, publicity, display, public broadcast, and other rights related to the event without limitation of use time, area, or any other use conditions.

(6) The applicant must be the original creator of the entry, and shall not copy, imitate or infringe upon the rights and interests of others.

(7) If the entries are not in conformity with the requirements or are incomplete, they will not be accepted for admission and may be disqualified.

(8) If there is any video, audio or picture that is harmful to the public good, damages the reputation of the organizer, infringes upon the copyright of others, the entry will not be approved, and the applicant may be disqualified from the contest or the award, and the relevant legal responsibilities shall be borne by the applicant.

(9) If the entries do not meet the selection requirements of the organizer, the award may be vacant.

(10) Participants shall accept the decision of the organizer without objection.

(11) This award may not be exchanged or transferred for cash. Each person is limited to one award.

(12) The award is subject to actual conditions. In case of shortage or force majeure, the company has the right to substitute the prize for other equivalent goods.

(13) For matters not covered herein, Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD. and UniMax Electronics Inc. reserves the right to approve, change, modify, interpret and cancel the content of this activity. If there is any change in the activity methods and awards, the latest news on the official website of QuantumCloud and the announcement on the activity website shall prevail without prior notice.

(14) If any computer, network, technical issue, or other issues that are not attributable to Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD. and UniMax Electronics Inc. occur, which results in delay, loss, error, unidentifiable, or damaged user data. Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD. and UniMax Electronics Inc. disclaim any legal liability and the user shall not object thereto.

(15) Ensure to read the following terms and conditions carefully before providing your personal data. By agreeing, confirming, or providing your personal information, you agree to be bound by the terms set out below and agree to let Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD. and UniMax Electronics Inc. collect, process, and use the personal information you provide in this activity in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree to provide your name, QuantumCloud ID, email address to QCI and UniMax to register you, contact you, and to send prize in this event (if you are a winner). You should guarantee that all information provided is accurate and truthful. Also, you agree to the QCI Privacy Policy.