New User Exclusive Reward


Limited promo code of the event exclusively for new users in download page!?
Download and launch QuantumCloud application to share your GPU computing power by clicking [GO] on the main screen!
Input the promo code and share your computing power for over 24 hours during the event period, then you can get a coupon with One day 10% extra bonus when the event ends.
More gain with less pain!



【Event Time】

2021-03-31 00:00 AM~ 2021-04-30 11:59 PM (UTC+8)




【Reward for new users only】

One day 10% extra bonus Coupon:
Make full use of the 10% bonus coupon on the day with high income to gain more

* Term of validity: till Oct. 30, 2021, 11:59 PM (UTC+8)
* Rules: Users decide the time to use the coupon by themselves within the term of validity and is irrevocable after confirming
* Restrictions: The coupon with One day 10% extra bonus cannot be used together with other bonus coupons in QuantunCloud application




【Steps to get the reward】

Step 1. Download and login QuantumCloud, new users will go to the last page to get a login promo code for the event

Step 2. Go to QuantumCloud application [Event page] to enter the promo code

Step 3. New users are eligible for rewards after accumulating 24 hours' of computing power sharing (no restrictions to time intervals)

Step 4. After using the One day 10% extra bonus Coupon, users will get their income and income bonus at 6:00 PM (UTC+8). The date to deliver income bonus depends on the starting time.





1. New users have to input the promo code after launching QuantumCloud application before April 30, 2021, 11:59 PM (UTC+8) to participate in the event

2. The reward is available only for new users of [QC 21 Day's Bonus] who participate in the event from March 31, 2021, 00:00 AM (UTC+8), are active in QuantumCloud application, and sharing computing power for over 24 hours (no restrictions to time intervals)

3. Each new user has only one chance to get the reward. Users who have obtained the rewards for new users earlier are not included in this event





【Event Terms and Conditions】

(1) This event is hosted by ASUS Group Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD.(“QCI”). Detailed information about Event, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, constitutes part of Terms and Conditions. Participation in this Event is deemed as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

(2) Software requirements: Update to the latest version to participate in the event.

(3) Hardware requirements: Windows 10 64-bit operating system with a 6GB (or above) AMD or NVIDIA graphics card installed.

(4) ASUS Group QCI reserves the right to approve, change, modify, interpret and cancel the event. For latest information about this event, please refer to the announcement published on QuantumCloud official website; we will not provide further announcements through other means.

(5) If there is any delay, loss, error, unrecognition or damage to user data due to computer, network, technology or reasons not attributable to ASUS Group QCI, ASUS Group QCI shall not be responsible for any law responsibility.