Get double rewards in the 2021 Summer Global Challenge!


We got two challenges in 2021, all QuantumCloud's users will join the “Non-Stop Mining” and “Team UP” challenge together.

During the Summer Global Challenge times, start QuantumCloud APP and keep sharing your GPU computing power crazily.

Once all users reach the target hour, all users can get a high percentage extra bonus coupon as a reward!

In addition, the “Let’s to the moon!” event is still ongoing. Share your code with your friends to strengthen your team, and you can get more extra rewards now.

Up to 7,777,777 Q-coin rewards waiting for you, once all user’s partner amounts reach the challenge target!

Let’s start the 2021 Summer Global Challenge together!




【Event Time】

2021-07-28 15:00 (UTC+8)~ 2021-08-28 15:00 (UTC+8)




1. Non-Stop Mining Challenge:Start sharing your GPU computing power to accumulate sharing time during the event, all users can get the reward once all users reach the target hour. Click the “Trophy” icon to preview or receive the reward.

Non Stop Mining Challenge Level 1 Level 2
Target Hour 1,098,021 hrs 1,262,724 hrs
Reward One Day 8% Extra Bonus Coupon One Day 15% Extra Bonus Coupon


2. Team up Challenge: During challenge time, share your captain code and strengthen your team via the “Let’s to the moon” event, all users can get rewards once all users reach the target number. Click the “Trophy” icon to preview or receive the reward.

Time Up Challenge Level 1 Level 2
Target Number 360 members 540 members
Reward 2021 Summer Global Challenge Limited Profile Icon 7,777,777 Q-Coin Raffle Ticket


7,777,777 Q-Coin Raffle Ticket: The ticket will show in your [Bag] after you receive it. Click” Use” to join the lottery game, the first prize up to 7,777,777 Q-coins this time. Winner of the lottery draw will release on the QuantumCloud website after 2021-09-10 15:00(UTC+8)







【Event Terms and Conditions】

(1) This event – 2021 Summer Global Challenge (“Event”) is hosted by Quantum Cloud International PTE. LTD. (“QCI”). Detailed information about Event, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, constitutes part of Terms and Conditions. Participation in this Event is deemed as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

(2) Software requirements: Update to the latest version to participate in the event.

(3) Hardware requirements: Windows 10 64-bit operating system with a 6GB (or above) AMD or NVIDIA graphics card installed.

(4) QCI reserves the right to approve, change, modify, interpret and cancel the event. For latest information about this event, please refer to the announcement published on QuantumCloud official website; we will not provide further announcements through other means.

(5) If there is any delay, loss, error, unrecognition or damage to user data due to computer, network, technology or reasons not attributable to QCI, QCI shall not be responsible for any law responsibility.